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Spirits with Spirits

We were approached by the awesome crew of Effing Brew Company to host a seance for the October Full Moon. A séance is an attempt to communicate with spirits... but we weren't quite sure we wanted to host a full blown séance in a bar, so we decided to take a balanced approach by calling it a Group Energy Healing Circle.

At the beginning of our gathering we will cleanse and purify our bodies and minds with practices such as smudging and guided meditation. We will protect our circle and ensure that all members of the group are clear headed and aware of what it takes to maintain spiritual protection.

The rest of the evening will unfold as the group energy comes together. It is our connection that will truly set the tone for the evening, and if more profound connections are meant to be made with energies beyond the physical realm we will leave that up to our higher powers.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Kay & Allison


Please bring a mat, cushion or something to sit on. We will be sitting on the ground, but chairs are available for those who need them.

This is a HIGH VIBE GATHERING. Please do not attempt to come inebriated or on any form of drugs or you will be asked to leave without a refund.

The bar will be open after our gathering for those who wish to stay and eat, drink, or discuss the events of the evening.

$20 to register. We appreciate if you register in advance.

Walk-ins will be accepted.
$20 at-the-door (first come, first serve)

Kay Metzelaars, local Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor
Allison Linley, local psychic and Reiki Master
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