city commissioners and kohls associates

Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Larry Micenheimer, Commissioner Libby Moeller, Mayor Mike Schutzbach, Vicki Blacker, Area Supervisor, Dave Sauerwein, Store Manager, Commissioner Hank Stephens, Tracie Higgs, Shoe Lead, and Commissioner Merv Gillenwater.


The City of Effingham Awards Kohls Business Appreciation Award

The City of Effingham has named Kohls as a recipient of the City of Effingham’s Business Appreciation Award. 

Kohls opened in October of 2007 and has been very successful during the past 11 years. The store has finished in the Top 10% ranking within the company every year since opening and were recently recognized for this accomplishment at a seasonal meeting. Over the years Kohls has not expanded in size, but it has grown its services. Kohls’ customers can shop online and have the order shipped to the store, and most recently, Kohls has become a drop off site for Amazon returns. 

Giving back to the community is a priority for Kohls through the Kohls Cares Program. The program issues $500 grants paid to organizations where Kohls’ associates volunteer their time during events held throughout the year. Last year Kohls was able to present Effingham United Way with a special $10,000 grant which was one of only 300 given nationwide. The Effingham Kohls is one of the best stores in the company regarding Kohls Cares events. Store Manager David Sauerwein attributes this to having associates that are highly motivated with the volunteer organizations. “I am very proud of my associates at the store,” stated Sauerwein. “I am also very appreciative of the loyal customer base we have built over the years.”

We appreciate the positive impact that Kohls has made on the Effingham Community and we would like to congratulate them on receiving this award.