Lange Electric

The City of Effingham has named Lange Electric as a recipient of the City of Effingham’s Business Appreciation Award. 

Mayor Jeff Bloemker stated, “Jim Lange and Lange Electric fall into that cherished category of "community asset." We're so glad Mr. Lange chose to stay in Effingham and ply his trade.”

“Jim is one of a kind,” stated one nominator, “His electric work skills are second to none. He is a true asset to this community.”

Lange Electric has been a mainstay in the Effingham community. Jim and Linda Lange have owned and operated Lange Electric since 1979. The modest electric shop has grown with the times. Lange Electric was first located in a building across the street from its current location. In 1981, Jim relocated to the current building, nearly doubling the square footage of his businesses. He continued to grow and added on to the building in the late 1980s. Customers have relied on his expertise for decades. 

Jim Lange not only utilizes his talents through his business, but he also enjoys giving back to the community. The Effingham County Courthouse Museum is a cause that is near and dear to him. Jim has taken care of the clock, making sure that it has been in working order for over 50 years. He has also donated his time to the restoration of the courthouse. Another nominator stated, “Jim’s assistance with his skills has been a blessing to the Effingham County Courthouse. He has been an important part of its success.” 
Lange Electric goes above and beyond with customer service with the dedication to always meet the needs of the individual. One customer stated, “Jim will regularly put his work aside to take care of his customers when in need. With Jim being the only employee to meet the needs of an entire community, having his level of customer service is incredible.”

We appreciate the positive impact that Lange Electric has made on the Effingham Community and we would like to congratulate the Langes on receiving this award.