Freedom of Information Act

City Clerk's Office
201 East Jefferson Avenue
Phone:  217-342-5300
TTD:  217-347-5557
Fax:  217-347-2675

If you need records from the City of Effingham, first obtain and complete a Freedom of Information Request Form from the City Clerk's Office. Police related requests should be submitted to the Police Department. All other requests must be submitted directly to City Hall, 201 E Jefferson Ave. or Records are housed at the following locations:

City Hall, 201 E. Jefferson Ave.
Building Official's Office:  Bruce Devall, Building Official
City Clerk's Office:  Kelsey R. Lock, City Clerk
Engineering/Public Works Division:  Steven W. Miller, Director of Public Works
Administration Offices:  James W. Arndt, City Administrator
Mayor's Office:  Jeff Bloemker, Mayor
Street Division:  Chris Huelsbusch, Operations Manager
Sewer Division:  Chris Huelsbusch, Operations Manager
Water Division:  Chris Huelsbusch, Operations Manager
Cemetery/Public Property, 912 E. Jefferson Ave., Matt Wortman, Foreman
Fire Department, 505 W. Fayette Ave., Joseph Holomy, Fire Chief
Library, 200 N Third St, Amanda McKay, Librarian
Police Department, 206 E. Section Ave., Mike Schutzbach, Police Chief

Records and information will be made available for inspection and copying unless the records or information are exempt under the Freedom of Information Act (list of exemptions are available upon request in the City Clerk's Office).

Each request will be compiled with or denied within five working days after its receipt. The five day period may be extended up to ten working days if required. A copy of the Freedom of Information Act is available upon request in the City Clerk's Office.

Effective January 1, 2015, the City of Effingham is not required to copy a public record that is published on our City website. The FOIA officer will notify the requester that the public record is available online and direct the requester where the record can be reasonably accessed. (5 ILCS 140/8.5)