Economic Development Team Visits Noah's Ark Pet Shoppe

Tue, 2016-11-08 15:46

The City Economic Development Team recently visited Noah’s Ark Pet Shoppe in Downtown Effingham.  Noah’s Ark was started in 2000 by Gayland Bourland and he still runs the shop to this day.  They sell everything from tarantula spiders to parrots to ferrets to hedgehogs.  Their inventory comes from all over the world.  Their biggest seller is aquatic fish.  Noah’s Ark is the only pet shop within 20 miles of Effingham.  Said Mayor Jeff Bloemker: “Noah’s Ark Pet Shoppe is an excellent example of the fantastic variety of storekeepers we have in downtown Effingham.  Our Downtown area is almost at 100% occupancy all the time and that is due to the investment and hard work of entrepreneurs such as Gayland Bourland and his family.” 

Pictured left to right are Mayor Bloemker, Gayland Bourland (holding grandson Elijah Lipe), and Economic Development Director Todd Hull