Fire Inspections - Why the hassle?

Relative to the tragedy out in Oakland, CA where an artist conclave in a converted warehouse caught fire and killed as many as 40 people on December 2nd… 

There is important evidence as to why this horrible incident occurred. 

The images of the warehouse called, “Ghost Ship,” before the fire look like they could be on an exam for fire marshals where applicants have to identify all the hazards they see.

I regularly field complaints from local businesses relative to concerns presented to them by the Effingham Fire Department regarding building fire code compliance. They feel the Fire Dept is too strict, bordering on harassment. It appears government officials in California were aware of the code violations in the building that burned uncontrollably… but clearly didn’t take effective action.

THANK YOU to Effingham Fire Chief Joe Holomy and Assistant Fire Chief Matt Kulesza for your diligence at keeping the people of Effingham safe.

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