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Study Finds Effingham Among Best Places to Retire in Illinois - 2019 - A new study from SmartAsset ranks Effingham as one of the 10 Best Places to Retire in Illinois, considering income and sales taxes, the number of local doctors’ offices and opportunities for recreation and social life. According to the analysis, Effingham ranked 4th in Illinois.

Effingham named one of the Top 50 Most Dynamic Micropolitan Areas in the United States - 2019 - Site Selection Magazine featured an article naming Effingham one of the Top 50 Most Dynamic Micropolitan Areas. The City of Effingham has the 2nd highest ranking out of Top 20 Midwestern communities and ranks 29th out of the total 531 areas studied.

Effingham Ranked as one  of the Most Tax-Friendly Places in Illinois for Retirees - Effingham has been ranked by as one of the Most Tax-Friendly Places in Illinois for Retirees. The study analyzed sales, property, income, fuel and Social Security tax data to rank locations on how financially favorable they are for retirees. According to the study, Effingham ranks as one of the top spots in Illinois.

Effingham Ranked Among Most Pet Friendly Cities- Effingham was ranked in Millennial Personal Finance's Most Pet Friendly Cities report! Out of 5,000 American cities analyzed (population of 10,000 or more) in the United States, Effingham ranks at a solid 30 for our pet friendliness!

Effingham was ranked as one of Illinois’s Top Retirement Spots by The study rates cities by their tax friendliness, recreational and social opportunities for seniors, and availability of medical care. According to the study, Effingham ranks as one of the top spots in Illinois.

13th Best Place to Start a Business in Illinois – Nerd Wallet - Effingham performs well across all factors in NerdWallet’s study. With a population of 12,264, the city’s 1,494 businesses maintain average revenue per business of $1,559,763. Effingham also boasts a high percentage of businesses with paid employees (45.38%).

Effingham Ranked #1 by SmartAsset as Best Place to Retire in Illinois - This is based on amount of sales and income taxes, number of doctor’s offices, recreational centers, and retirement centers, and percentage of seniors in the area. 

Effingham ranked 9th out all Illinois counties by SmartAsset where people hold the least amount of credit card debt. Residents of Effingham are more likely to be able to pay off their debt and Effingham has greater financial stability.

Effingham named 3rd Best Commuter City in Illinois by Obrella. “The best commuter cities in Illinois are quite diverse, but they share one important characteristic -- support for innovative programs that help new and well-established businesses thrive. This results in the creation of local jobs, which means residents can work close to home and spend less time commuting.”

Effingham named as the 2nd lowest in per capita debt out of all Illinois Counties. SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company, released a study uncovering the counties across America with the lowest per capita debt and Effingham County is one of the best in Illinois. Counties were analyzed by the amount of debt residents held across three categories: credit cards, auto, and mortgage, compared to local income. 

2014 Google eCity of Illinois - The Google eCity Award recognizes the strongest online business community in each state as one of the “digital capitals” of America.  The awarded cities are recognized for their innovation in using the web to find new customers, connect with existing customers and fuel their local economies. "Google is excited to congratulate Effingham on its success in leading small business into the digital age. Your local businesses are taking to the internet in droves and it's paying off both in terms of business growth and how that growth impacts the local economy,” said Wendy Gonzalez, Google spokesperson.