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This is a list of recycling options throughout the community. This is not a complete listing and the items accepted by each business are subject to change. If you know of any other recylcing opportunities please contact us here.

Click here for Effingham Recycles' Recycling Survey Results

Davis Recycling 
810 S Henrietta St.
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts nonferrous metal, aluminum cans, copper, brass, and car batteries. They also have bins for paper, plastic and cardboard.

Computer Recycling
101 W Main St. 
Teutopolis, IL 62467
Accepts electronics, laptops, and printers. Televisions are accepted for a fee.

1004 N Keller Dr.
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts computer items, small electrical items, metal, special cardboard, aluminum cans, newspaper, p.e.t.plastic (water and soda bottles). No televisions accepted.

Home Depot
1301 Forth Worth Way
Mattoon, IL 61938 
Accepts spiral light bulbs, power tools, and re-chargeable batteries.

Interstate Batteries 
510 W Jaycee Ave.
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts all kinds of batteries. Cash is paid for batteries accepted based on weight.

Lakeland College - Mattoon Campus
5001 Lakeland Blvd
Mattoon, IL 61938
Recycling bins for glass are located near the maintenance shed. 

McMahan Recycling
805 S Maple St.
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts any metal.

Methodist Church 
203 E Grove Ave.
Effingham, IL 62401
Items may be dropped off in bins located behind the church.

1007 W Fayette
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts used motor oil and oil filters.

Rural King
201 Walk Ave.
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts used batteries (car, tractor, lawn mowers and etc.)

St. Anthony Parish
101 E Virginia
Effingham, IL 62401
Accepts plastic grocery bags.

The Paper Depot and Recycling Center
105 S. Garrett St
Teutopolis, IL 62467
News paper, plastic bags, aluminum, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic jugs (milk, water, soda). Find more information here.

TNT Recycling
15150 E 1800th Ave.
Effingham, IL 62401

1204 Avenue of Mid America
Effigham, IL 62401
Accepts plastic grocery bags, used motor oil and used car batteries.