Rental costs for apartments within the City of Effingham range from $350 per month for a single bedroom to $600 per month for a new, 1,050 sq. ft. two bedroom unit.

Typical housing costs range from $70,000 to $150,000. There is a wide range of housing available and because of the large number of area contractors, there are also numerous new homes available for sale.


The following subdivisions are located within the corporate boundaries of the City of Effingham. All the subdivisions offer public utilities, paved streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and all City services.

Southwind Subdivision K&K Investment Company 217-347-8941
Beckman Estate Subdivision K&K Investment Company 217-347-8941
Woodland Heights Subdivision Jack Hightower 217-342-2466
Country Aire Subdivision Goldstein Construction Company 217-342-4718
Shenandoah Addition K Subdivision Ray Esker 217-857-3762
Silver Lake Subdivision Thad Jurgens 217-857-3762
Lakeside Hills Subdivision Ed Grunloh 217-342-2221

Effingham Subdivision Map

2014 Property Tax Rate - Payable in 2015

  • City: 1.28376
  • County: 0.62555
  • School District: 3.62742
  • Community College: 0.54136
  • Park District: 0.59541
  • Water Authority: 0.01022
  • Township: 0.22980
  • Library: 0.34837
  • Total: $7.26189 per $100 Assessed Valuation