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City Clerk's Offices Include:

Utility Billing
City Clerk
The Clerk's functions are broad and vital to the operation and welfare of the community. The City Clerk serves as keeper of the record with regard to official records of the City.

Some of the duties of the City Clerk include:

In charge and custody of all bonds, contracts, books and papers belonging to the City, both financial and legal.
Seals and attests all contracts and has supervision of the City debt, obligations, loans, liabilities and other payments of interest.
Attends all Council Meetings and keeps records of such.
Exercises general supervision over all officers charged in any manner with the receipt, collection or disbursement of municipal revenue.
Keeps all ordinances, resolutions and minutes indexed and in safe keeping as well as maintains updated codification of the City ordinances. View Municipal Code.

Should anyone wish to get a copy of or view a public document other than police records, one can do so by submitting a Freedom of Information Act Form, which is available in the City Clerk's office and online.

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