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Citizens of Effingham:

COVID-19 has come front and center in our lives. It is mean and it is scary.

Please go out in the fresh air, take a step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath!

It is hard to imagine that just two months ago, we didn’t know that COVID-19 existed. Today, it is foremost in our nation’s mind.

Live your lives, and be aware, be helpful, and be smart. We can work to protect our families, loved ones and friends, and our employees. This change in our lives disrupts our routines, our activities, and our ability to freely move and do what we want to do.  If every person who has the virus or has been exposed stays away from others, there is no one to infect and the virus does not survive. Gatherings, where the virus can be easily transferred to one another, become a threat to fighting this pandemic. We cannot stop the spread of this virus without hard decisions that affect us emotionally and financially.

We have been forced to slow down. Take this time to reconnect with your family and loved ones. Rather than react to this pandemic with fear and worry, extend kindness, be creative and productive and remain prayerful. 

City leaders and employees are working hard to help the citizens of Effingham and our neighboring communities. We are aware of the hardships and the weight of the responsibility is difficult. Bottom line: we will adhere to the mandates handed down by Governor Pritzker.

Please stay home…be grateful…and be faithful.

Mayor Mike Schutzbach


Click here to view the Executive Order extension until April 30th

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All Inquiries about the COVID-19 virus to Kim Tegeler, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Effingham. Please phone 217-342-5368 or email

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