Mission Statement

"The Effingham Fire Department mission is to protect life and property from loss, suffering, and damage due to fire, rescue situations, environmental and homeland security emergencies within the community, as safe as possible through public education, code management and incident response."

The Effingham Fire Department at a Glance

  • ISO Rating - 2
  • Two Fire Stations
  • 15 Full-time Firefighters
  • 16 Part-time Firefighters
  • 4 Administrative Staff
  • Fire Chaplain
  • 5 Response Vehicles
  • 4 Staff Vehicles
  • Foam Trailer w/400 gals AFFF foam
  • Haz Mat Response Trailer
  • Part of Region 9 Hazardous Materials Response Team
  • MABAS Division 54 Member

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   Click on the link below to access our 2017
 Effingham Fire Department Annual Report

        2017 Effingham Fire Dept Annual Report 


                                      Mobile Food Service Vendors


                     The City of Effingham has adopted a policy for the licensing 
  and regulation of mobile food service establishments operating within the 
                                    corporate limits of the City of Effingham, IL.

                                 City of Effingham - Ordinance No. 015-2018    

          Summary of Rules & Regulations for Mobile Food Service Vendors