Emergency Management Agency (EMA) functions as a division of the Effingham Fire Department but interfaces with and supports all City departments.

Emergency Management Coordinator Kim Tegeler was sworn in on December 6,  2011.  EMA Coordinator Tegeler is responsible for all aspects of emergency planning, to include the City Emergency Operations Plan with input from all City departments and cooperating agencies.  In addition, EMA Coordinator Tegeler works with various institutions and businesses within the City on their individual emergency plans to guide their respective employees, patrons, and or patients in the event of a major emergency or incident within the City.  The City EMA is accredited through Illinois Emergency Management (IEMA) requiring re-accreditation every 2 years of the City Emergency Operations Plan and ongoing training of all City employees.

EMA Coordinator Tegeler has a Bachelors Degree in Health Education with a background in Community Health and Education and is specifically trained and certified in various areas of Shelter Operations, Disaster Services, Haz-Mat Operations, and over 20 areas of NIMS. In July 2016, EMA Coordinator attained Illinois Professional Development (IPDS) certification through IEMA.  In 2017 she obtained state accreditation as an Illinois Professional Emergency Manager. She has been a member of Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and Illinois Emergency Services Management Association (IESMA) since 2012.  Currently she serves on the IEMA External Advisory Committee and recently was as a guest presenter/speaker at the 2017 IEMA Training Summit.

EMA Coordinator Tegeler oversees the three designated shelters located in the City.   Should a disaster occur within the City, EMA is responsible for  coordinating resources and information for the incident(s). This is accomplished through the staffing of an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) located within the Central Fire Station - which serves as the main coordination point for disasters. A full activation would require members of the City Council, Administration, and Department Heads along with representatives from other agencies to sit at the same table to coordinate resources to ensure the most efficient use and to avoid duplication of effort. The EMA remains the coordination entity and works with local organizations, state agencies, and FEMA to provide assistance to local government, businesses, and individuals.

We believe that engaging individuals within the community will help prepare all of us for catastrophic events. However, in order to effectively respond every individual must be prepared to some level. We encourage all citizens to establish a “Disaster Kit” for your own family. Review and update your “Family Plan” by talking to your family to prepare them for various emergencies. Ensure the whole family is a part of the planning process so that the plan addresses everyone’s needs – including your pets. Recognize that in extreme situations, emergency resources may be limited. Be prepared to care for yourself and your family for at least three days (72 hours). Further information can be found at State of Illinois Ready Illinois or you may contact EMA Coordinator Kim Tegeler at 217-342-5368.