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Public Hearing

AugAugust 8 2023

6:00pm City Council Chambers

201 E. Jefferson Ave., Effingham, IL 62401

Notice of Public Hearing

Rezoning 800 S. Fifth Street

This Notice is posted on the City of Effingham website: http://www.effinghamil.com/meetings

Notice is hereby given that the City Plan Commission of the City of Effingham, Illinois, will hold a public hearing on August 8, 2023 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Council Chambers, 1st Floor, City Hall, located at 201 East Jefferson Avenue, in the City of Effingham, Illinois, at which time and place all interested persons may participate in the Public Hearing by presenting testimony for or against and ask questions on a petition to amend the present zoning regulations changing the zoning classification on the real estate described as follows, to-wit:

PETITIONER(S):                                   Blake McWilliams

OWNER(S):                                          Joyce Vandeveer

ADDRESS / LOCATION:                        800 S. Fifth Street, Effingham, IL

PROPERTY INDEX NUMBERS (PIN):     03-16-044-036

REQUESTING:                                      Rezone from R-2 Single-Family Residence District to R-3D Multiple Dwelling District

Dated July 19, 2023



McWilliams Rezoning Map

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