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Government services for the people of Effingham, IL.


Pay your water bill

Pay your water and sewer bill online and set up automatic payments.

Get water service

Connect water and sewer service to your property.

End water service

Disconnect water and sewer service to your property.

Public safety

Get alerts and notifications

Sign up for text or email alerts about emergencies.

Request a police report

Get a police report or other police records.

Request a fire incident report

Get a report about a recent fire.

Permits and licenses

Apply for a building or construction permit

Get permits for buildings, pools, signs, demolition, and utility projects.

Register as a contractor

Register as a contractor so you can get permits to do construction work.

Renew a golf cart permit

Apply for a renewal golf cart permit (for existing permit-holders).

Apply for a liquor license

Get a license to serve or deliver alcohol, including events and outdoor dining.

Schedule an inspection

Request an inspection for your construction project.

Apply for a mobile food service permit

Get a permit to safely operate a mobile food service.

Apply for an amusement license

Get a license so you can host an event that charges admission in the City of Effingham.

Apply for a special event permit

Get a permit to host a block party, race, festival, parade, or event on City streets or property.

Register as a solicitor

Apply for a permit to sell goods to people in their homes.

Jobs and contracts

Get a job with the City

Find and apply for jobs with the City of Effingham.

Work for Effingham Fire

Learn about fire service careers and benefits.

Work for Effingham Police

Learn about law enforcement careers and benefits.

Find bid notices

View current bid notices to do work with the City.

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