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Schedule an inspection

We will inspect your project as work progresses to make sure everything is safe and meets codes and regulations.

When do you need an inspection?

  • During a remodel – any time a wall, floor, or ceiling is opened up and before insulating or re-covering the affected area
  • After excavation, but before any footers or foundation walls are poured
  • Before any underground utilities are covered up
  • Before insulation is placed in the walls or ceiling, and/or before drywall is placed for non-insulated walls
  • After completion of any fire rated walls
  • Before anyone moves in

When work is completed, you need to schedule a final inspection. Once the inspectors give final approval, we will provide a Certificate of Occupancy.

Before you start

When you’re scheduling, you will need to provide: 

  • Permit number
  • Project address
  • Type of inspection you need

Please call us 48 hours before you want an inspection.

Types of inspections

  • Site – to verify setbacks and review site plan.
  • Footings and foundations – after excavations are complete and rebar or reinforcing wire are installed.
  • In-wall, rough in plumbing and electrical – any plumbing or electrical that will be concealed under dirt, gravel, concrete, or in a wall.
  • Framing – when framing is complete and before wall covering is applied (this is usually done at the same time as in-wall/rough in).
  • Above ceiling – when plumbing and electrical are finished and before the ceiling is installed.
  • Specialty (commercial buildings only) – alarm, pressure tests, hoods, etc. as required by the Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Final – upon completion of the project.
  • Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) – issued by the City once the final inspection is complete and code compliance is verified and signed by City officials.

What to do

  1. Request a building inspection by calling 217-342-5300, extension 3.
  2. Provide your permit number, project address, and the type of inspection you need
  3. Coordinate  a day and time for your inspection.

What happens next

If your inspector doesn't show up the day of your inspection, call us.

Remember that you may need other inspections, too. Depending on your project, you may need inspections from other agencies, such as Fire or the County Health department. Contact them directly to schedule inspections and pay any required fees.

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