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Take the water line survey

We’re asking all Effingham property and business owners to complete our water line survey. This will help us identify lead service lines faster.

Before you start

Before you take the survey, find out if your water line is made from lead.

If you aren’t comfortable identifying the material, take the survey and mark “Unknown” under the service line material question.

The survey has a few fields used by City staff. Mark "N/A" and ignore them.

What to do

  1. Complete the survey online
  2. If it seems likely your water line is lead, we will contact you

What's next

There is a very small chance of you having a water line made from lead. We have not been able to identify any at this time.

If your water line does happen to be lead, we will contact you to talk about next steps.

Get help

Jared Harris
(217) 342-5300
extension 5349
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