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Lead water line replacement

Water service lines connect homes and businesses to water service. Lead service lines were banned by Congress in 1986, but we believe there may be a few lead lines still in use. We’re working to find and replace them with modern and safe materials.

Take our water line survey

We’re asking all Effingham property and business owners to complete our water line survey, regardless of when your building was constructed. This will help us identify lead service lines faster.

Even if you think it’s unlikely that your water service line is made from lead, please take the survey. It will help us rule out your water line.

How to know if you water line is lead

If you are a home or business owner, you can help us find out if your water service line is made from lead.

If your property had water service before 1987, you could have a lead service line.

Find out if your water line is made from lead

About this program

The City of Effingham is a Community Water Supplier. This means we are required to survey and inventory the type of material used for all public and private water service lines within our distribution system.

Effective January 1, 2022

The Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (Public Act 102-0613) replaced the current lead materials inventory requirements from the Illinois Environmental Protection Act (415 ILCS 5/17:11).

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