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Utility permits

If you are a utility company with facilities in the City’s right-of-way, you need to get a permit if you want to do any construction or maintenance. You also need to register annually.

Companies with City franchise agreements are exempt.

Annual utility registration

Every year, you need to register to:

  • Keep your insurance information current
  • Update your contact information

Annual blanket utility permit

An annual blanket utility permit allows you to perform normal maintenance and repair work to existing facilities and service lines throughout the City of Effingham for a year. This includes:

  • Normal maintenance and repair
  • Relocation and replacement (in the same location)
  • New service lines
  • Restoration of lawn, sidewalk, and driveway surfaces

If you are adding new or improving your facilities, you’ll need a utility permit. This permit also does not cover work that disturbs driving or parking on a public street.

Utility permit

A utility permit allows you to add new or improve your utility facilities.

If you are just doing normal maintenance and repair, you need a blanket utility permit instead.

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