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Find out if your water line is made from lead

If your home or business had water service before 1987, you could have a lead service line. This could be true even if it’s been remodeled.

If your home or business was built with a new water connection after 1987, you do not have a lead service line. If the water connection existed before the building was constructed or remodeled, there’s a chance the service line could be made from lead.

Before you start

You’ll need a coin and a magnet.

What to do

1. Locate where the service line comes into your home or business

This is usually near the main shutoff valve.

2. Look for a test area

The test area is a part of the pipe between the wall or floor and the shutoff valve.

diagram showing the test area of pipe between shutoff valve and floor

3. Conduct scratch and magnet tests

Gently scratch the surface of the pipe with a coin. Then hold the magnet against the pipe and see if it sticks.

4. Compare your results

Pipe material Scratch test Magnet test
Lead Pipe is soft and easily scraped. The scratched area is shiny and silver. Does not stick
Copper Scratched area is copper colored, like a penny. Does not stick
Galvanized Scratched area remains gray. Sticks

Learn more about identifying service line material

What's next

Take the water line survey. Even if you don't think your water line is made from lead, please complete the survey. This will help us identify lead service lines faster.

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