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Mobile food service establishment permits

Rules and regulations

The City of Effingham has a policy for the licensing and regulation of mobile food service establishments operating within Effingham.

All businesses wishing to operate a mobile food service establishment are encouraged to fully review Ordinance No. 015-2018 for complete rules and regulations.

All mobile food service establishments must have a safety inspection, Illinois Department of Revenue tax identification number, and pay an annual $100 fee.

General safety points

  • At no time shall a parked food vehicle block or interfere with the access and use of any fire hydrant, either public or private
  • No parked food vehicle shall block a building's fire department connection (FDC)
  • No parked food vehicle shall obstruct public ways in order to allow free escape at all times
  • No parked food vehicle shall block any egress from buildings
  • Access for emergency vehicles should be given consideration; the food vehicle may need to be moved in a timely matter during an emergency where access to that area is needed
  • Owner operators should have training for all employees on their equipment:
    • Fuel and electrical shut off
    • Fire suppression equipment
    • Emergency procedures
    • Securing the vehicle's equipment for transit
  • All training should be documented and saved
  • Decorations shall be flame resistant
  • Hot surfaces from cooking and heating devices shall be protected so that the public is protected from physical contact

Mobile food service establishment permits

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