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How soon will I receive what I requested?

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a written response in five (5) business days, unless:

  • The Police Department extends the time for a response by an additional five business days for a reason allowed by FOIA
  • The Police Department and requestor agree to an extension in writing
  • It is a commercial request or the request is otherwise subject to an exemption allowing additional time to respond
    • Commercial requests must be responded to within 21 business days

The response period of five business days starts the first business day after the FOIA request is received.

Although we have five business days to respond, we work diligently to provide an immediate response. This response will let you know whether records were located and will include all releasable documents. If any portions of the records are withheld, for instance because disclosure would invade an individual’s personal privacy, we will inform you of the specific exemption that is being applied.


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