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What should I do if the tornado sirens are sounding?

Do not┬ácall 9-1-1, unless you have an emergency — reporting a funnel cloud or tornado is an emergency. The National Weather Service suggests that you follow this guide:

  • In a home, go to the basement and get under the stairwell, or a heavy piece of furniture. If there is no basement, go to an interior closet, hall or bathroom on the lowest floor and stay away from windows. Cover your head with pillows or sofa cushions.
  • In schools, hospitals, churches and office buildings, go to small interior rooms or halls on the lowest floor. Stay away from windows. Avoid large open areas with free span roofs such as gymnasiums and cafeterias.
  • In steel and concrete high rise buildings, it is not necessary to get to the lowest floor, but go to interior halls, bathrooms, or closets. Stay away from windows.
  • In shopping centers, avoid large open areas and glass. Seek shelter in bathrooms, small interior spaces and behind counters. Do not attempt to escape in your vehicle.
  • Abandon mobile homes and vehicles for a nearby reinforced building. As a last resort lie flat in a ditch. Do not seek shelter under an overpass.
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