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How do I apply to serve on a board or commission?

Without the dedication of the many volunteers who serve on our boards and commissions, the City would be unable to function. These volunteers help to make Effingham a great place to live, work, and play. If you are interested in serving, contact the City Clerk and find out what openings are available.

Can I attend board and commission meetings?

Yes. Board and commission meetings are open to the public. You can attend and provide input during the public comment period of the meeting. Sometimes all or part of a meeting may be held in closed session (no public allowed) if the item being discussed is within the guidelines of state statutes.

When do boards and commissions meet?

Effingham’s 12 boards and commissions meet at various times throughout the year. To find when they meet, select the group you are interested in and the meeting is listed.

How do I enroll my child in school?

There are 3 schools in Effingham: Effingham Unit 40 School District: visit Unit 40 enrollment or call 217-540-1500 Sacred Heart Elementary and Jr. High School: visit Sacred Heart enrollment or call 217-342-4060 St. Anthony Elementary and High School: visit St. Anthony enrollment or call 217-342-6969

How do I apply to community college?

The district community college for Effingham is Lake Land College. For admissions information, visit Lake Land College Admissions or call 217-234-5354.

Where do I report for jury duty?

All court proceedings are conducted at the Effingham County Courthouse, 120 W. Jefferson Avenue, Suite 101, in Effingham. For more information on the jury duty process, visit the County’s Jury Duty department or call 217-342-4065.

How do I register as a contractor?

Anyone doing work on a building needs to register with us as a contractor. This applies to licensed contractors as well as if you are a homeowner doing the work yourself. Building permits cannot be issued if the person doing the work is not registered. Learn more about registering as a contractor.

How do I request fire incident reports?

Anyone wishing to view or obtain copies of fire incident reports or crash reports should submit a written request to the Fire Department either in person, by mail, fax, email, or submit online.

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