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FAQ Topic: Permits & licensing

How do I register as a contractor?

Anyone doing work on a building needs to register with us as a contractor. This applies to licensed contractors as well as if you are a homeowner doing the work yourself. Building permits cannot be issued if the person doing the work is not registered. Learn more about registering as a contractor.

What building codes has the city adopted?

You can find a list of the construction rules and regulations enforced by the City of Effingham including building codes, fire codes, life safety codes, setbacks, and more.

How do I schedule an inspection?

We will inspect your project as work progresses to make sure everything is safe and meets codes and regulations. Even if you don’t need a permit, you will probably need an inspection at some point. You can request an inspection by phone. Please call us 48 hours before you want an inspection. Schedule an inspection.

How do I get a liquor license?

Effingham offers several types of liquor licenses, including for outdoor patios, events, and delivery. Before you apply for a license, you’ll need to interview with the Local Liquor Control Commission. Learn about liquor licenses and how to apply.

Do I need a sign permit?

You need a sign permit if you are: Installing a new, permanent sign Changing the face of a sign Enlarging a sign Moving or changing the location of a sign Replacing an existing sign Learn about sign permits and how to apply.

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