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Author: salthoff@effinghamil.com

City Reinstates Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program

The City of Effingham is pleased to announce that it has reinstated its Municipal Electricity Aggregation program after a brief four-month hiatus. Negotiated by the City in January of this year, the Program will launch in April, beginning with a fixed rate of $0.07890 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that will not change until June 2024 when … Continued

City adopts Housing and Economic Recovery Plan

In a bid to revitalize its economy and bolster its workforce, the City of Effingham has taken a significant step forward with the adoption of a comprehensive Housing and Economic Recovery Plan. This initiative, fueled by the Research in Illinois to Spur Economic Recovery (RISE) grant, marks a pivotal moment in Effingham’s journey towards growth. … Continued

City swears in new Treasurer

The City of Effingham’s new city Treasurer, Bridget Polk, received her Oath of Office from City Clerk Abbey Nosbisch on Aug. 14, 2023. Read the full story from the Effingham Daily News.

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