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FAQ Topic: Fire Department FAQs

What do I do if I am uncomfortable with a solicitation?

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office investigates telemarketing fraud. If you feel you have become a victim of fraud, contact the Illinois Attorney General. Many scam artists use a false representation such as a fire or police benevolent organization. There have been many successful prosecutions of these scams. You also have the option to just hang … Continued

What are some indications that solicitation may not be legitimate?

If any solicitor offers to come to your house to pick up your cash donation, this should be a ‘red flag’ that it is not a legitimate solicitation. Many scam artists avoid the Federal Mail Fraud laws by sending a courier. If the US Postal Service was used to perpetrate a fraud, it is automatically … Continued

The Effingham Firefighters Association or the Effingham Firefighters Union Local 3084 has solicited me for donations. Do those funds directly benefit the Effingham Fire Department?

No. Both of these legitimate organizations have solicited funds in the past by contracting with a telemarketing firm for the purpose of raising money for food baskets for the needy in Effingham. While it is your decision to help these efforts, the Effingham Fire Department does not directly benefit from your donation, nor does the … Continued

Does the Effingham Fire Department solicit for donations? Do you contract with or hire someone to represent the Effingham Fire Department for the purpose of solicitation of donations?

No. The Effingham Fire Department does not use any fund-raising service, telemarketing firm or mass mailing service to solicit donations but we do continue to accept unsolicited donations. The Fire Department occasionally seeks support for targeted projects from service organizations and corporate sponsors. These have included: a digital camera for the Hazardous Materials Team used … Continued

What should I do if the tornado sirens are sounding?

Do not call 9-1-1, unless you have an emergency — reporting a funnel cloud or tornado is an emergency. The National Weather Service suggests that you follow this guide: In a home, go to the basement and get under the stairwell, or a heavy piece of furniture. If there is no basement, go to an interior … Continued

What should I do if I see a tornado or funnel cloud?

Dial 9-1-1 and report it. Early notification of a tornado can save lives. We will want to know where you are, the direction of the tornado, if it is on the ground, the extent of the damage in the area, and if anyone is obviously injured.

When is your Open House Day?

The Fire Department Open House is normally scheduled on the first full week of October — which is Fire Prevention Week across the nation. Notice of the Open House is sent to the local schools, newspapers, and radio stations.

Can you fill my pool?

No. For reasons of liability and expense, we cannot fill your pool. Contact your local water department and see if they can help you.

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