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Apply for Enterprise Zone

An Enterprise Zone application is required to be completed to receive the incentives offered by the Effingham/Effingham County Enterprise Zone. Any property located within the zone boundaries is eligible for incentives.

Before you start

View the Enterprise Zone map to confirm that your property is located within the zone boundaries.

You will need:

  • Estimate the cost of the project building materials
  • Estimate the cost of labor for the project
  • Locate your FEIN number or apply for an applicant ID

What to do

  1. Fill out the Enterprise Zone project application form (Form A)
  2. Submit completed application to Sasha Althoff, salthoff@effinghamil.com.
  3. Pay the Enterprise Zone application fee. The fee is calculated at 0.5% of the estimated building material cost.
  4. Send the Building Material Sales Tax Exemption application (Form B) to all entities purchasing building materials or have contractors apply online.

What's next

Once the application has been submitted the Enterprise Zone Administrator will confirm the Enterprise Zone application fee amount and send an invoice. After the fee has been paid, the project will be submitted online to the Illinois Department of Revenue. From there building material tax exemption certificates can be created. The Illinois Department of Revenue will email the sales tax exemption certificates directly to the applicants. Form Bs can continue to be submitted throughout the project.

When the project is completed please contact the Enterprise Zone Administrator with the following information:

  • Actual cost of building materials
  • Actual cost of labor
  • Number of full-time employees

Projects will also be subject to reporting to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Get help

Sasha Althoff
Enterprise Zone Administator

(217) 342-5300
extension 4
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