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Freedom of Information Act FAQs

FOIA is a state statute that provides the public the right to access government documents and records. The purpose behind FOIA is to provide transparency as the public has a right to know what the government is doing. FOIA statute states that any person can ask a public body can request a copy of its records on a specific topic and the records must be provided, unless there is an exemption in the statute that protects those records from disclosure. To learn more about FOIA, please visit https://foiapac.ilag.gov/.

Anyone can submit a FOIA request.

Anyone wishing to view or obtain copies of City records should submit a written request to the City Clerk’s Office either in person, by mail, fax, or email. (submit a foia form link?)

The City must respond to a FOIA request within five business days unless:

  • The City extends the time for a response by an additional five business days for a reason allowed by FOIA
  • The City and requestor agree to an extension in writing
  • It is a commercial request or the request is otherwise subject to an exemption allowing additional time to respond
    • Commercial requests must be responded to within 21 business days

The response period of five business days starts the first business day after the FOIA request is received.

Digital copies provided via email are free. After the first 50 pages of black and white printed copies, a fee of $0.15 per page will be charged. Color copies, as well as media such as CDs, DVDs, and flash drives also have fees associated with them. If you prefer to view the requested document rather than have a copy, there is no charge.

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