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Liquor Control FAQs

The City’s Liquor Ordinance is available at the City of Effingham’s website at Liquor Control Ordinance.  Also, a copy may be picked up at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall or a copy can be mailed or emailed with a request to: JKemper@EffinghamIL.com.

The local liquor ordinance must adopt rules and regulations that are imposed by the State Liquor Control Commission. Additionally, the Local Liquor Ordinance may contain rules and regulations that are more restrictive than the State, but never less restrictive. Effingham liquor establishments located within the city limits are regulated by an adopted Liquor Control Ordinance which is part of the Municipal Code of the City of Effingham.

Yes. Illinois is a duo-liquor license state. Those wanting to sell alcohol must first possess a local liquor license and secondly possess a state liquor license

Parties interested in obtaining a liquor license must schedule an initial appointment to meet with the Local Liquor Control Commission (Mayor, who serves as the Liquor Control Commissioner, and the Deputy Liquor Control Commissioner). The Mayor determines if the interested party may proceed with the application process.  See Apply for a liquor license


Mayor Schutzbach is the liquor control commissioner and is charged with the responsibility of administering the adopted rules and regulations in the City’s Liquor Ordinance

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