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Patrol consists of two patrol commanders and four field supervisors. Patrol is divided into four squads to provide maximum coverage for the City.

Functions of patrol:

  • Preventative patrol - To ensure police coverage in all areas of the City, the area is divided into sections with officers assigned to each section.
  • Response to calls for service - By far, the most common function of the Patrol Division is responding to citizens' requests for service. This is also the most challenging function as officers are required to deal with situations ranging from administrative details to life threatening encounters, all perhaps within one shift.
  • Investigation of crimes, incidents and hazards - Responding to an incident/crime often requires more than just the physical presence of an officer; it requires the officer to find the details, causes and effects of the incident/crime and to relate this information in a report. The officer must also be able to testify to his/her findings in a court of law.
  • Traffic direction and control - Traffic control is one of the more vital functions of the Patrol Division. Traffic in neighborhoods, on busy streets, and in school zones is a major concern of the citizens.
  • Maintenance of public order - Officers must be prepared to respond to small and large gatherings and public functions where order must be maintained for the safety of all citizens.
  • Emergency services - When a crisis or disaster strikes, either public or personal, the Patrol Division officer is usually the first on the scene. The officer must provide assistance whether medical, investigative, or public safety, in an efficient, professional manner.

The officers of Effingham Police Department's Patrol Division are the most visible representatives of law enforcement in the City. We are fortunate to have highly trained, professional men and women to serve the community of Effingham.

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