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Premise Alert Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program allows residents in the City of Effingham to register a person with special needs who could require specific assistance in the event of an emergency. The time saving information will be used to offer guidance to emergency responders.  This program is strictly voluntary, and information is accessed only in the event of an emergency.

Who can register

Any individual, of any age, who would require special assistance in any type of an emergency from first responders such as law enforcement, firefighters or emergency medical personnel can register.

  • Anyone with a medical condition
  • Anyone with a physical disability
  • Anyone with a mental disability

Parents or caregivers may enroll special needs persons for whom they provide care. Adults with special needs may enroll themselves.

How will information be used

  • The registered address will have a special alert in our system showing that a person with special needs resides at this address
  • The information provided will assist first responders to give appropriate treatment and care to special needs persons throughout Effingham County
  • Contact information for caregivers is readily accessible, and can be of great assistance to first responders

Information will be used to assist first responders during:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Missing persons incidents
  • Crisis situations
  • Behavioral episodes
  • Alzheimer's or other dementia-related occurrences
  • Any interaction with law enforcement

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