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Unmanned Aerial System Team

UAS functions

Effingham Police Department's Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) team, also known as a drone team, performs a variety of functions to support law enforcement operations:

  • Aerial surveillance: One of the primary functions of our team is to conduct aerial surveillance. Drones equipped with cameras or other sensors are used to monitor large areas, public events, crime scenes, or situations where it may be unsafe for officers to enter directly. The team can provide real-time video feeds and gather valuable intelligence for situational awareness.
  • Search and rescue: Drones are deployed for search and rescue operations, particularly in challenging terrain or inaccessible areas. Equipped with thermal cameras or other specialized sensors, they help locate missing persons, accident victims, or individuals in distress. Drones can cover large areas quickly and relay crucial information to ground units.
  • Crime scene investigation: Drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and mapping software to document crime scenes from different angles and heights, providing detailed imagery and 3D models. This aids investigators in analyzing the scene, reconstructing events, and preserving evidence. Drones can help save time and enhance the accuracy of forensic analysis.
  • Officer safety and tactical Support: Drones are deployed in high-risk situations to enhance officer safety. They can provide real-time aerial views of potentially dangerous locations, provide cover during operations, and assist in strategic planning.
  • Disaster assessment:  Our UAS team uses drones to assess damage after major natural disasters, such as tornado damage.  This assessment allows the incident commander to send rescue teams to the correct areas of the impacted area, saving time and resources.

Effingham Police Department's team receives specialized training in areas such as airspace regulations, drone operation, risk management, and data privacy to ensure safe and responsible use of unmanned aerial systems in law enforcement.

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